Why do we have pets anyway?

Recently, our beloved dog Pandora passed away. She was one of the most loving and happy dogs I have encountered and you could tell that immediately with her wagging tail and kidney beaning. If you don't know, kidney beaning is when a boxer is wagging its tail so vigorously that its butt starts moving toward... Continue Reading →

Aunt Mary and her bad girl reputation

The prior post, The Costs of Scandal, was inspired by recent events occurring in Oklahoma. The "Green the Vote" movement seeks to get recreational marijuana on the ballot. As you probably are aware, marijuana is a hot topic with opinions ranging from staunch opposition to the utmost of acceptance. "Green the Vote" is attempting to... Continue Reading →

The costs of scandal

If I said Subway, what comes to mind? Is it a restaurant, or is it a mass transit system throughout a metropolitan area? If it is a restaurant that comes to mind, what comes to mind about Subway? For some, it would be sandwiches, and for others, it is something sinister and dirty. Now that... Continue Reading →

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